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TVA Coal Ash Spill .. on the ground updates.

Everyone was told to boil their water (as if this was merely a sewer line break) but boiling the water destroys the pots and they can’t be used anymore. The residents and the cats and dogs are throwing up because of the water. People are getting burned just by taking a shower. TVA publicly states they’re delivering water but the residents aren’t receiving any bottled water. UMD volunteers delivering hundreds of gallons of bottled water were getting arrested and told that we’re not allowed to pass out free water to the public.

There is no phone service in the worst areas and UMD volunteers are the only way of communicating with the outside for some of them. The ash is in the air and looks like it’s snowing. TVA is turning the Emory River into a new coal slurry impoundment by creating two new earthen dams on it. TVA is building new pond slurry impoundment and is spraying asbestos into this new pond which is illegal. While the land, wildlife and people are being destroyed, TVA is rebuilding the railway ASAP so they can bring in more coal to burn at the Kingston Coal Plant. They don’t care and they can’t stop.

UMD has been at the coal ash disaster site since the beginning. We need money and we need volunteers. We have a temporary donated condo in Kingston and are looking for a more permanent office in Harriman closer to the site. We’re doing water & soil testing, going door to door listening to the locals’ problems & needs, passing out bottled water, arranging flyovers for politicians reporters and locals and to get fresh video & pics cause the stuff keeps moving, nonstop media relations, connecting with local organizations, bringing in people from PA who’ve been through this before, organizing a locals-only community meeting so people can speak openly, and soon legal work will need to start.

- United Mountain Defense

Footage from an attempt to canoe down the Emory River in order to collect samples of soil and water.

Interview with a local resident who describes the before / after of his back yard, which is now a sludge filled mess.

For more photos, footage, and links, visit the following websites:

The last link is an ongoing compilation of all relevant news articles.
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